First Responders

Whether you are a firefighter, police office, dispatch, paramedic, EMT, or search and rescue, you and your families deserve and require specialized care. You know your life varies from the average individual. Your training and the things you experience on a daily basis cause you to see the world through a para-military mindset. This mindset effects every relationship you have – parenting, marriage, friends, and family.

It is vital for first responders to work with therapists who are familiar with their jobs and the effects their jobs have on their lives. You have been trained to innovate, adapt and overcome, but for the first time, you are struggling with being able to control the memories, sleep disturbance and disrupted relationships. The constant adrenaline surges, shift after shift, and the rigorous exposure to trauma, show up in your relationships with a heavy toll. This is normal. When the effects begin to interfere too much in your relationships or job, it is time to work with a professional who can help you reset your system. I have received, and continue to get, specialized training to be as effective as possible when working with first responders and their families.

If you struggle with the things you have seen and experienced, you are not weak. With the assistance of a trained clinician who is aware of your para-military culture, we can reset your system, increasing your resiliency and making thriving relationships possible. 

Day in day out, you show up and you risk yourself to save others. When you get the call, you are there for others. But who is there for you when you are in need?

You do your job with excellence and put everything you have into it. You’ve trained hard and are always alert and ready for action. But when you get off shift, you can’t seem to relax and connect with others as well as you’d like to. You live and breathe chronic stress and tension, which serves you greatly on the job. But when you find yourself in a quiet place, that’s when the noise in your head starts up. Finding ways to compensate for these injuries are becoming costly on your relationships. You find yourself isolated increasingly. Addictions become more common and the ante rises to keep up. You wonder where this is going to lead you and you don’t see a pretty way out.

There is hope for a new experience of life… one in which you thrive in joyful relationships. There are resources that will actually help you, unlike the ones which have previously disappointed.  

Resources for helpers.