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Looking for more peace & balance in your life & relationships?

Looking for more energy & fulfillment in what you do?

You are in the right place.
Ture Confidence.

Build true confidence.

Find peace & balance.

Find peace & balance.
Father better.

Parent better.

Create authentic connection.

Create authentic connection.
Be more productive & fulfilled.

Be more productive & fulfilled.

Anxiety and anger keep getting in the way?

Worried you are losing your relationship?

Constantly having to be ‘on’ and unable to relax?

Feeling the constant pressure to meet expectations?

Finding yourself escaping into MORE work, a bottle or food again?

Feeling held back but can’t figure out how to fix it?

I get it.






I’ve Been There Too.

You’re in the right place.

You don’t have to wait to live in your power and unapologetically free!

Receive the vital tools needed to find emotional & mental freedom.

Don’t just get by.

Go from just getting by to ALIVE!


If you don’t figure this out now, what will your life & relationships look like in 2 year from now?

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“Jeremy is a deeply empathetic, creative, and thoughtful therapist. I’ve been lucky to work with him in a few settings, and have been consistently inspired by his dedication to both his clients and his own development. My clients and I have all benefited from the lessons I’ve picked up from simply hearing Jeremy talk about his perspective on trauma. Anyone meeting with Jeremy will be meeting with someone who is truly dedicated to providing effective trauma-informed care, and I would refer anyone to him in an instant.”
— Alex G., Google Review
Jeremy Berlin
Jeremy Berlin, MS, LMFT, APCC. Therapist of Counseling Sonoma
Professional Therapy in Santa Rosa, California